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Before activation of the trading account, we must verify the identity of the trader, as well as the place of his residence. This is necessary to prevent fraud attempts.

Please upload to the Personal Cabinet, or send us to [email protected] a high-resolution photo/scan of the following documents.

Documents that prove your identity(one of these):

  • Valid driver’s license; *
  • Resident or registration card of a foreign citizen; *
  • ID-card * or valid national national passport. **

*For all documents, you need to take a photo/scan of the front, as well as the reverse sides.

**If you want to provide a copy of the passport, you need to scan/photograph the first two-page spread, on which the owner's photo will be clearly visible.

Documents that prove your residential address (one of these):

  • Utility bills, for example, an invoice for electricity, gas, water;
  • Bank invoice, or another official document, in which your address is indicated.

We are interested in the document confirming last 6 months of residence at a particular address.

If you deposited the trading account via bank transfer, please send the duplicate of SWIFT-transfer to email [email protected]. Pay attention that the transfer itself does not need to be attached.

Documents will be checked during 24 hours, after which the trading account will be activated.

Upload documents