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MT4 Manual Guide

MetaTrader4 is a platform for trading in financial markets (currency, stock indices, commodities, precious metals, etc.). The platform is famous for its simplicity, because with the help of MT4 users can easily trade and analyze financial markets, using trading advisors (trading robots). In addition, in MT4, by default, a huge number of technical indicators are built in, with which the trader can easily determine the best time for opening and closing the order. Also, trading in one click will minimize your efforts in the trade, without losing any profit.

The MT4 platform provides ample opportunities for traders of all skill levels in the foreign exchange market. Advanced technical analysis, flexible trading system, algorithmic trading (one-click trading), as well as applications for mobile trading will be useful in trading of any level.

In the "MT4 Guidance" section, you will find answers to the most common questions of traders and will be able to optimize your trading and get a higher profit. Our technical specialists have prepared answers for you:

  1. What is МТ4?
  2. How to enter the МТ4 platform?
  3. How to open a demo account?
  4. How to confirm a МТ4 account?
  5. Which tools are traded on МТ4?
  6. How to open an order in MT4?
  7. What is a one-click trading?
  8. What are indicators and how to use them?
  9. Types of orders in МТ4
  10. What is a Stop Loss?

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