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The price of precious metals and other commodities, are not static, but change depending on various factors. In general, the price determines supply and demand for the metal. The price of gold and silver in recent years has grown more than three times. This fact allows us to earn a good income due to the difference in rates of precious metals. Such investments are often justified, and in times of crisis, in contrast to currency, precious metals retain their value.

Gold and silver for many centuries were the money literally for the whole world. Precious metals on the Forex now, especially gold, are still seen as "real money." It wakes up the investors’ interest in times of instability of the global economy and currencies. Traditionally, in times of crisis, metals tend to rise as reliable assets. These tools are strategic raw materials. It keeps attention of speculators.

Features of the precious metals market:

  • Stock exchange of metals is a profitable investment in times of economic instability;
  • Low costs of transactions in gold and silver distinguish the spot trade from the acquisition of metal accounts in banks;
  • The ability of earnings in periods of crisis, which is impossible when dealing with real metals;
  • Economically reasonable shift in the price dictated by actual demand allowing greater focus on fundamentals and not on speculative expectations.

The PBN Trade company offers gold and silver on spot conditions for trading, and palladium and platinum metals using CFDs (contracts for difference.) It allows to profit from price fluctuations without physical deliveries of goods.

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