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Islamic account

In intraday trading traders use the so-called spot transactions. If the deal was not closed before midnight, it will automatically roll over the next day. This operation is paid by the trader himself in the amount of the commission assigned by the broker. But there are also special "Islamic accounts" or accounts free of swaps. That is, you retain all the advantages of your trading account and do not pay a transfer commission.

PBN Trade offers to its clients swap-free accounts (also known as Islamic Forex accounts or Shariah Forex accounts). These accounts correspond to Islamic religious beliefs, according to which any business relationship, where one of the parties must pay or receive a certain percentage of the other party, is prohibited.

Proceeding from this, the main feature of the type of account in question is the lack of enrollment or writing off a certain amount for transferring an open trading position to the next day.

To open an Islamic account, please contact our support team email [email protected] . Specialists of our company will propose you to undergo the procedure of identity verification, after which you will be opened an Islamic account.

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